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16 Dec, 2017

Soloist Heavy Fantasy Art

Dec 16, 2017 - Jan 20, 2018
Soloist Heavy Fantasy Art by Artist Veerachan Usahanun
Veerachan Usahanun
He is one of a well-known and worldwide Heavy Fantasy Artist.  He was participating in various Fantasy Artist groups.  In November 2017, he is received International Art Award as a part of ‘Appreciation of Art 2017” with World Contemporary Artist 2017 from WCA, Hong Kong.

Most of Veerachan’s artworks are collected by foreign collectors more than local’s collectors.  One of the most important artwork is “Three Worlds (Tri-Bhum)”.  It’s painted on teakwood with size 3x4 meter.  The Three Worlds is now located in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Thailand (MOCA), VibhavadiRangsit Road, Bangkok. 

Veerachan born in 1960 at Uttaradit Province, North of Thailand.  He is studied basic art from Art Collect in Bangkok.  He is graduated Fantastishe Realismus  from Vienna,  Austria.  One of his Master is Ernst Fuchs, Austrian, a first and famous Fantasy Artist of the world.  Apart from Master Ernst Fuchs Veerachan also study from various famous Artist Master in Austria and Europe.  During studied, Veerachan also has part time works and gain more experience in arts as well as an income such as repaired old paintings in the castles in Vienna and other cities in Austria including paintings in the Vienna Casino which is the only one Asian Artist.

After graduated, Veerachan is become a full time artist in his own Studio & Gallery in Hollabrunn, North of Austria.  He also performed many exhibitions in Austria and Europe.  Sometime was own exhibitions and many times with group of Artists.  During his journey, Veerachan also spent his artist time in Nepal where he is impressing by the path of  Mahayarn Buddhism which became a great basic of combination between the west and the east.

After 11 years in Europe.  Veerachan is decided to return back to Thailand and started to arrange many exhibition in Bangkok, Huahin and Phuket.  The Ganesha collection of “The Magic Elephant” is continuing by brings in a new interpretation of Ganesha.  The interpretation is difference from the original mantra of Brahman and also incorporates with the Truth of Buddhism as the most scientific way of thinking.  Some major paintings are including in this exhibit while most of them were collected by European’s collectors. 

Presently, Veerachan is continuing his artworks in Studio & Gallery at Mae Tang, Chiangmai.  His studio is located in the mid of rice fields and mountain.  His new paintings and art woods are inspired from the beautiful and peaceful place for your visit.