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04 Sep, 2019

All and Nothing
Crayon Art Exhibition

Sep 4, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019
All and Nothing Crayon Art Exhibition
I like drawing. Very much, like the basics of materials and techniques.
Drawing work is the first technique. When we started studying art, our teachers almost touched our hand to make of drawing. So that we know the “flavor of the line”.  Senses the feel of pressing - to relax hands which is the heart of drawing.
I feel that line of each painter, makes us see the character of themselve.
In old days, I had a friend named “Khun Yoi”. Or we used to tease him as if he is a god
His drawing is very quick and fast, he never hesitate when he press the pencil on the paper.  He always goes to school late, 
almost get only half and our left each classes. He sat down and began to “borrow” a pencil from the person next to him, and then draw the heavy and accurate line on the paper and have his work finished beautifully. 
When the teacher criticized the work “The line is alive.” The teacher said
      “Write a little..but get a lot.” Write a few lines. But can capture the structure and emotions
Friends in other rooms can write well with grade A, but for Khun Yoi, teacher give A +
Rodin (Auguste Rodin) is an artist that uses a single pencil to paint pictures of women. And his painting can named Fine Arts. His work is kept in many places. Drawing of Rodin with a single line up the entire female structure with precision and vitality.
Angkarn Kanlayanapong took the charcoal crayon sticks. Write pictures .. feel like writing a poem his work is the grace of life. And saw the dream of the night of the colorful day while Prathoeng Emcharoen, took the pencil to write dew drops and the moon by the river Kwai, seeing the stillness and peace of all things
These two are Thai artists that I greatly admire. In writing with the crayon technique
Have you ever picked up a pencil and pressed the weight until the pencil lead is broken?
My teacher once challenged him, saying that the pencil and the heart must be one.
Write the picture. Don’t rub it - rub it in without understanding. Write a picture. Don’t write lines.
Drawing lines is not only a pencil, pen or crayon. Some people paint on the frame. Then use the sharp steel to scratch and create a line.  Some artists use a soldering iron to burn fire on a piece of wood. Burning Then he drew the line to create a shape with heat The world of drawing lines is always a challenging world. Every day artists will drawing. There is work in our hearts.
In art work there is always one thing that happens when starting work. We call it “hand flavor”.
Hand taste arises from the use of hand actions Until the weight Pressure - the tension is the “signature” of the artist.
Every artist wants people to remember his work. “The taste of the artist’s hand” is important.
And the artist always secretly “tells love” in art
I was invited by 333 Gallery to be a curator in his exhibition.
Crayon Exhibition is a project that I intended
With seeing many skilled people who have not yet appeared in the battle and performance had never happened before.
This is considered another historical record of art.
Pakorn Klomkliang (Curator)
All and Nothing Crayon Art Exhibition by 6 Artists 
1. Chintawan Bunlo
2. Bancha Mekpreedavong
3. Boonkong Inta
4. Somyot Kumsang
5. Lipikorn Makaew
6. Xiththiphl Wathawathna

Curated by : Pakorn Klomkliang