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01 Feb, 2020

Unexpected Love

Feb 1, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020
Duo Fine Art Exhibition by Lampu Kansanoh & Zato Theekawut Boonvijitara

Even though we may not be able to stop time, but we can learn to understand it. We may not be the enlightened ones that will be able to attain and accept whenever we face a significant loss. However, if we tried to understand it, it may help us to reduce the feeling of grieve when time separates us from our loved ones. Those days that we feel that there is nothing missing in our lives as we have enough for food and shelter. We have good friends and families surrounding us. These sorts of things create satisfaction and the desire to cling to these joyous moments as long as we can. Despite the fact that we all know well about the truth of impermanence as we all have seen the birth and the death that occurs in everyday lives. Nevertheless, I believe that every one of us cannot stop but cherish our own lives.
At the age of 36 years old, one night I was looking at the love of my life that lies next to me. He covered himself with a blanket while his eyes focus on the screen of his smartphone. He was smiling and laughing in his online world. I glanced at a small white hair shaft that shows in between his thick and big black hair. I almost forgot about the rules of the time that it can change everything. At that moment, I began to have a sense of fear. I fear old age, sickness, death, and separation. It led me to think as to which of us would be the one that faces the death first. My mind began to drift as I began to think more about death each day. Up until one day, one phrase echoed in my head, “All of us die every second, there is no point in us to reminisce and it is such a waste to worry about the future.” The voice of one monk from the abbey rang in my head. At that moment, It made me think that death can happen at all times, so it matters how we spend the rest of our remaining times with consciousness and makes our lives meaningful. As the song ‘Live and Learn’ by Mrs. Kamala Sukhosol, the lyric sang that “It is up to us to try to learn and accept it. We must be able to control our thoughts and consciousness.” This is what we must learn to understand and accept and we must always remind ourselves about death, so we remain consciousness while we live until the last day of our lives.
We all have the same fate that we cannot cling to anything that we possess from the lucky experiences in our lives, the love, the youth, the satisfaction, the grieve, the happiness, and ourselves. All of which will be leaving this world behind, whether we like it to happen or not. We should live our lives with cautious while we still breathing. We should act as if every day is the last day of our lives, so we will feel the least regret when the day comes that everything will be taken away from us.
Lampu Kansanoh

Last Light "Last Light Romance"

I created this work from a reminder message 4 years ago on Facebook, a picture of a pair between me and my ex. I remember that I was suffering and sad for many months in parting. But today, that feeling Turned out to be indifferent And not feeling any So I continued to share those memories. With new caps With the message "Everything is like light, appearing pure momentarily". "Everything appears to see only light. Appeared only for a moment. "

Not attaching anything as a means to restrain the bondage of suffering Everything around us that has been touched by the five senses. It's just a moment of light. Whether it is objects, objects, areas, body, emotions, and relationships Everything is an illusion of beauty that appears. And it is ready to fluctuate constantly Going to break down at the atomic level, which is "The laws of the universe"

From the past, I have created paintings with inspiration from lights and used lights as the content of the paintings from previous works. The light changes the way we feel about space and creates a new space. Including internal sentiment that reflects inner desire of the mind and in this "Last Light Romance" series. Light is the content of building relationships that connect with inner feelings. My mind, desire, or inner state of mind have been shaped into various postures. Of a male body that floats In free space Enameled with glittering sparkles of light In other words, I used the "Day Dream" daydreaming as the content driver for each piece of work. Beginning with the Expression process, the technique of improvise surface and atmosphere mixing with brushes that move in the atmosphere of light color. Then came to stare What appears in the abstract of the surface in that atmosphere To be seen as concrete Which is a process The same as Michelangelo saw David appear in that marble.

The imagery in the image becomes clearer from the blank and appears as a symbol in the works. Caused by internal light Professor Chalud Nim Always has said that "Day Dream is a kind of imagination that has value to creation" and that it is true that comes out of the structure of the inner mind. And I have used the interior light Create a painting of light in this Last Light Romance series
In addition to using internal light to be transmitted into the creative process Light arises from The belief that light is an object when the light that I create is placed in the dimensions of the canvas Materiality in light Movement appeared
The quenching is represented by a color cube in a geometric shape. Organic images that are sourced from a light color palette in Spectrum forms a tangible, tangible object. Can see the direction of movement, bring it into painting

The techniques in this set of paintings show the meaning by drawing with the sparse color alternating with the thickness of the color that emphasizes the object. Body shape Inside the picture there is a back-and-forth argument in the viewer's perception between existence and non-existence. Between light and materiality Between concrete and abstract, between moving from one thing to another Abstract shape of the paint spray Of moving light Shimmering is represented by a thick, convex, tangible feel. Show that the object is moving according to the direction of movement in relation to the feeling The scenery behind the area Imagine a place far away from the real world, including The little deer used in many pieces in this work has implications for sensitive sensibilities in the mind.

In this Last Light Romance series, I can see the essence of "light in a scientific view" under the belief that Everything is just light that appears as a illusion for a moment. And the truth of "inner light" that comes from the real inner structure of the mind Throughout the creative journey I always believed that Light can reflect the true truth of the human mind as well. The "last light" in this painting will be a reminder to me to maintain the relationship between people close, value, caution, emotion and action. In everything around Because that life is so short, like the starlight that is falling from the sky, and we will not return to regret it later as a result of our actions today. If that light has changed To transform into other molecules in the universe

Theekawut Boonvijitara